Moving overseas brings about a whole gamut of emotions right from excitement, thrill to anxiety, forlornness and a deep sense of feeling uprooted. You might have the time to plan the move or it might be a surprise and you could be totally unprepared. It’s important to make sure you choose a well respected international shipping company to make your experience stress-free. Either way a little help and advice is needed to ensure that the entire process of relocation is smooth and easy.

Relocation can become a harrowing experience if the necessary precautions are not taken. Thankfully you are at the right spot where we will give you some brief tips on how to handle your overseas move and what are the key things you just can’t afford to overlook.


Important Documents

When relocating abroad you should always have all the below stated documents originals and duly attested copies to use in case you lose them.

• Passport
• Birth certificate
• Marriage certificate if applicable
• Proof of citizenship
• Certificates relating to your educational qualifications
• And any custodial documents or divorce papers.

The passport is your key to travel overseas and by far the most important document you will ever carry with you. Your passport must have minimum six months of validity for you to travel anywhere overseas. Therefore make sure that you meet the criterion and if not contact the respective department and apply for a new passport immediately. Next make sure that you have additional passport size photos which will come handy for any urgent requirement. Do not forget to carry copies of your passport duly attested.


Notify the move to all important organisations

Mails relating to taxes, banks, insurance and from accountants are important. On that account you should notify the concerned departments about the move and provide them with a new address as soon as you have one. In the meantime you can request a close friend or relative to collect your mail.


International driving license

You need to apply for an international driving license to let you drive in the country. But again each country has its own road rules and you might have to take some form of driving test to be eligible to drive.


Visa requirements

Contact the embassy or high commission of the country or go through their website of the country of your destination to find out about their visa rules and regulations. Also do not forget to check the visa requirements of the countries you may touchdown in transit.


Removal specialists

Do research about the best removalist specific to your region. Once you have identified the company call them to come over and survey your belongings and provide a quote. You can discuss the best route, budget and speed of transport.



It always helps to know more about the place you are going to call home in the future. Hence Google about:

1. Real estate agents: Research on real estate agents of repute in the new country who can help you choose a home in desirable neighborhood and close to basic amenities like hospitals, supermarkets, malls.
2. Schools: If you have school going kids then you need to look at various schools and the curriculum they follow to select the one best suited for your children.


Learn the language

Finally knowing a few key words and greetings in the native tongue will work in your favor when in a foreign land. Hence, either Google it or get books from your local library to learn the basic phrases and help words for you to start your new life in a new land.
Hopefully these tips will guide you when you have to move overseas.