We understand relocation is as much a physical process as it is an emotional one. Breaking ties to your present place and getting ready to bond with a new culture, environment and people is tough. Therefore our goal is to simplify the process of relocation with the aid of our experienced team which will take care of all the essential paperwork and logistics involved with relocating.

Professional solutions

We offer systematic and professional solutions to all the requirements and needs of a diverse group of customers which includes businesses, home owners and even government departments. For several years now we have successfully aided several customers to relocate to new destinations and brighter futures. Our plans can be customized to suit your requirements and budget.
We assure you that your move will be handled professionally. Our strength is that we stick to stringent time lines and most of the time deliver on time, expect if some sudden global situation arises which hinders timely delivery. We discuss objectively the best route for transferring your goods and one which is budget friendly.
Our relocation team is adept at providing accurate quotes after surveying your goods. They are qualified to provide energy performance certificates too.

Staff that cares

We have a highly motivated and experienced staff that is well versed with the various rules and regulations of international movement of freight. Our staff is trained to offer you the best cost effective plan for your relocation. Our staff is courteous, friendly and ever ready to dispel any doubts.
Our employees are trained routinely in the latest advancements in the techniques and methods of packing goods for international transport.

Social responsibility

We know our social responsibilities and play a vital part in the community. We believe in the green philosophy and hence use only eco friendly packing material thereby reducing the carbon footprint. This helps not only in the present but in the long run in conserving the environment and cutting down on waste. This saves money for the client too.

Ethics and integrity

As a part of our corporate culture we stick to ethical standards of trade and business practices. All our services are ISO certified.

Commitment to quality

Our commitment for the welfare of the customers, company employees, suppliers and the company itself forms the foundation of our existence. Hence, we frequently monitor the performance of our employees, partners and suppliers to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

Technological aid

Technological aid helps us and our customers to monitor real time the status of their relocation process thereby minimizing the cost involved. This also increases the efficiency of the team involved.

Team work

We focus on team work and are committed to excellence, follow a culture of accountability and fulfill an effective relocation goal. We choose to continually improve the standard of relocation and hence encourage open dialogue with our partners and suppliers.

Customer feedback

We are always trying to better our services and provide superior experience to our clients. We are open to your suggestions on how to improve and expand our services. We also take criticism seriously and address any errant practice or employee involved in any misconduct immediately and we will ensure that it does not repeat again. Please feel free to contact as at the link given below.
For further information about the various services offered by our team do not hesitate to call our hotline or login to our website.