Moving Overseas

Moving overseas is attractive, thrilling and the same time complex and knotty. It is stressful for the employees and the employers too. It is here you need the guidance and aid of someone who is well versed in the nitty gritty of relocating overseas.
Our company specializes in packaging and shipping and also visa and immigration policies. We are specialists in overseas relocation with branches and skilled partners in several countries across the globe.
We offer free survey, consultation and a plan that will suit your budget while ensuring that all your goods are well protected in transit and delivered safely.

Seamless Coordination

Moving overseas requires a lot of coordination with respect to shipping, freight charges, customs clearance, insurance, delivery and storage. Our experts can help you in every stage and ensure that the move is smooth and uneventful. We have a very efficient network that handles all kinds of movement via air or sea smoothly. We help with customs documentation and clearance at destination port too.

Shipment via sea

Moving abroad involves shifting of all your white goods and heavy weight furniture along with several personal belongings. Shipping is done via huge steel containers which are available in various sizes. Depending on your load you can choose either a single container or share a container.

Single container
When you use the single container, it will be loaded and sealed at your present home and delivered to the port of your destination. This provides better safety and unauthorized access to your goods while saving on time.

Groupage is when you share a container space with several other groups sharing the same route. Here you cannot dictate the time and it takes longer as the container needs to become full. But this is a cheaper alternative if you do not have a full load.

Air freight

You can also transport your belongings via special cargo planes. It is suitable for destinations where shipping or transport by road is not possible. Air freight is expensive but is fast. The rate is calculated based on the weight or volume of the objects that require to be moved.
Pets’ relocation
If you are concerned about how you can take your beloved pets along, we have a solution for that too. We network with several competent pet transportation services which have competent and friendly staff that are trained to handle your pet gently and carefully. We make the entire process smooth as we handle all the required paperwork, veterinary regulations and customs to ensure your pet has a safe travel to its new abode.



International transportation requires skill and use of modern methods of packing. We have special cartons for hanging goods, for paintings and framed pictures, mattress and wooden crates for more delicate and fragile items. Each country has its own standard set of packaging regulations and we are aware of this standard and hence we always make sure that all our packaging techniques and material are up to the mark.
Finishing touches
A new home always requires the services of a handyman; we offer handyman services too to make the move complete.
To know more about our services
Please click on the link given below to answer any more queries that you might have regarding overseas move. You can find out about our state of art moving facilities and equipment that we employ in detail in our website.
You can trust us to with your prized possessions and we will make sure they reach you in perfect condition in a new place and a new country.